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China plans to play a game in space, which NASA abandoned more than a decade ago.

????US Media: China's Entry into Space Solar Energy Applications

????In an article on March 17 by CNBC, China plans to compete in solar energy in space. In the 25 years since NASA abandoned its work in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the American Aerospace Administration (NASA) and the California Institute of Technology more than a decade ago, John Mankins put forward many concepts. His research is aimed at expanding the application of solar energy in space.

????"If you can substantially reduce the cost of space solar energy, you can occupy most of the world's energy market." Mark Hopkins, director of the National Space Association, said.

????At the beginning of this century, Mankins, supported by the Bush administration and Congress, was close to turning his idea into reality because of the positive comments he received from the National Academy of Sciences and a security unit affiliated to the U.S. Department of Defense. However, due to various reasons, this scientific research project ended in frustration. So it's certainly exciting when the latest news reveals that the idea, once abandoned by NASA, has been revived with the vigorous push of the government. But now it's not NASA that supports this idea, it's the Chinese government. China recently announced that it expects to complete the relevant technical tests for space solar power generation systems in the next decade.


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????"About 10 years ago, the Chinese began to work seriously in this field. About five years ago, they began to participate in international conferences." Now they talk about it more openly. China has made absolute progress in this field. China is not acting as a pose. It's a real project carried out by the country's key departments and respected scientists. The Chinese have very good technical preparation, and they will be able to do that by 2030.

????Hopkins added: "One thing that China is really good at is long-term planning. Unlike the United States, China has been thinking about this for 50 years ahead of time, and the Chinese are certainly right to do so. When I talked to NASA staff about things more than a decade later, they just looked up at the ceiling and rolled their eyes. After that, I was never invited to participate in the discussion. (by Eric Rosenbaum, translated by Zhao Yusheng)







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